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Monday, September 9, 2013

YoYo's 10 year Celebration

YoYo's is the name of our Quilt Circle. There is a long story to the name, but I think I have written about that before, so will not go there again.
This is the fabric that was chosen on our outing to the Quilt store in Visalia.
I was not so sure what I would do, but if they saw something in it. OK.
I bought a yard of this fabric!  Why, the project is just  10"x10".

Rules, no rules, one rule, use the fabric, we chose, and make it 10 "x 10".
I chose a piece of my hand dyed fabric, layered it, quilted and drew lines on it. All I could think of was Tick, Tac, Toe, guess that might not be spelled right,
 but goes with my thinking at the moment.

And so this developed.

I dug through my drawers  and containers to find a variety of "Ten" ephemera. Using variegated thread I stitched over my pencil marks, A stencil for the center "10", with paint. Used Gelly Roll  pens with sparkle for the center diagonal lines, made some yoyo's, started stitching the buttons on,, that got a bit old for an evening and the next day used permanent glue.  The back is some of the challenge fabric. Then decided I needed to use more of the fabric and made a bowl. One less piece of left over fabric!
I should make more bowls, or woven rugs, if some one has a great pattern for an easy scrap rug, I would love to have that. Winter is coming, some day!
It is going to be 100 again, but a nice breeze.

Yoyo's have such fun with their challenges!
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  1. I LOVE this! I would buy a yard of that fabric, too. So usable. My Pinhead group is around 10 years old as well. I shudder to think what the members might put on their little quilts. Probably lots of sharp objects!

    Suzanne K. has a cool bowl pattern using fabric wrapped around skinny rope. You might like that.


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