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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sierra Art Trails will be Oct. 4,5, 6th.

I missed the dead line for the Madera  Ag. Arts Show... forgot I was supposed to send an entry in.  Ooops.. Well, now I have a piece for another show and don't have to rush, unless of course, I sell this.

" Luscious Grape" is mainly made of my hand dyes with some commercial fabrics. The grape leaves are photos  from my back yard plant, transferred on to fabric, then appliqued onto fabric and quilted..  The whole piece is then mounted on painted Gallery Wrap Canvas.

 I have to have a better system, post it notes just does not do it.
I asked some quilting friends about their book keeping system, inventory, and how they keep track of shows, galleries, entries etc.
They must have a better memory than I do.

Finished making some earrings, will have a great assortment, just a peek for right now.

Have more jewelry, hand dyed scarves, art quilts, and oh, so much more.

Judy Andes will be showing her marvelous Pastel Art, with me at the Coarsegold Historic Museum, we will be in the School house.. Loads of easy parking, and right off of Highway 41, just before the Casino..  Come say hi..October 4th, 5th, & 6th.

Great gifts for Christmas, yes, that time of year.
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  1. Your grape quilt and the jewelry are lovely. Don't count on keeping them for long.


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