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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pensacola, Florida, on our way to??

Flying High.. This is our Navy,, put that to song.  We stopped at the rest stop in Pensacola.
We were always surprised by the wonderful rest stops and visitors centers.

I get tears in my eyes, when ever our Planes fly high or when our Flag is shown in Parades and Gatherings. We are so blessed in this country, so many have given so much for our freedom.

Hey, Artists in Oakhurst, wouldn't a painted Bear look fantastic and colorful in town?

Here in Florida it is a porpoise.  Delightful! 

Yes, Ralph, I caught you in a photo again, grandkids and friends will know we are still speaking after many days on the road.  What is it you are saying?

I still can not hear you.. 

More wonderful spanning bridges!  But this looks just like a highway, till that bump further down!
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