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Friday, August 2, 2013

Ocean Springs, Mississippi

We had the "Travel Quilting" book with us, as I mentioned it is the size of a large city phone book,
and our handy GPS. Who can live with out that now?  Except I guess I am old fashioned, most of the time I worked from the U.S.A. Map I got at AAA. that showed the highways.  Will tell more about that later.

We found not one but two fiber related stores.
First we came to Threadneedle Street, which was a wonderful collection of

Needle work and Cross Stitch Supplies.

I know several ladies that would go and have great fun in here.

Then next door is Janet's Quilting Bee, Inc.  This is a lovely grouping of stores, in red brick buildings.

A wonderful collection of fabrics and everything you need to quilt.

 I am always in trouble when Ralph starts looking through the fabrics.

This section had everything that was ever printed with military insignia's.

Ships, planes, and tanks.
And yes, I did buy some fabric, and a puzzle.
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  1. Yup, that's when you know you have a project in your future. Hope Ralph picked out something good.


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