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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Museum in Delray Beach Florida, Center for the Arts.

When we  started to plan our trip, it was just to visit  Ralph's family and go to my family reunion in Mississippi.  In the months of planning and trying to decide what and how,
I was invited to show my Quilted Kites at the Delray Beach Center for the Arts.

Gloria Adams, the Director, and I had  the opportunity to discuss all the details via email.
Pictured above,  ("Tropical Breeze"  and "Ties that Bind" )

(Above "Floral Kite",  and "Yellow Rose of Texas" )

Gloria is a delightful lady with a great deal of patience and creativity. She has had years of experience running  this museum.  And with most museums and art centers they are always in need of docents.

I had lots of questions, Florida is on the Atlantic, we are on the Pacific Ocean.
When we arrived unannounced because we had no idea of distance and location. We were greeted with open arms.

We had a fun time chatting with the docents and they had lots of questions on how I had made the 4 Quilted Kites.. These exhibits have been open since May 16th. and will close September 29, 2013.
So there is still plenty of time to stop in and enjoy.

I would like to mention also, that my pieces are for sale, with a % going to the museum.

When I was told my work would hang in the Cornell Museum of Art and American Culture,  and be the transition from the " Flying High, the Story of Kites to "A Quilting Evolution" the quilts upstairs, I was overwhelmed and excited. But having the opportunity to meet and chat with the volunteers and visit in person was amazing.
I want to thank all that were a part of this beautiful and informative exhibition, you did an amazing presentation.  I am proud to be included.

They have a delightful room all decorated with kites. Here the kids can create their own special kites..  There are printed paper kites for the children to color and then take home.. Yes, they are little, but then so are the kids. The children had just finished the projects and were so well behaved on their march through the museum.

The Amazing Dragon hung in the center of the room that displayed many Japanese designs and told about the history of Kites.

This is the entry where you could look upstairs to the quilts..  Will show more of these on my next blog.
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  1. What an exciting, colorful exhibit! How fun to be part of it!

  2. Vivian- this looks like a beautiful museum. The exhibits are so colorful- your photos are wonderful!

    Thank you for your visit to my blog and for your treasured words about the Pink Scarf Project--- I appreciate you so much:)

  3. Thank you Vicki, Your Pink Scarf Project is so beautiful, and so dear to the recipients.


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