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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Kites, at the Cornell Museum of Art and Culture.

In looking back on my photo collection, I felt I really needed to show you more of the Kite Exhibit.

Even if you have never thought too much about Kites, you have to be amazed by this exhibit.

I am going to copy a bit from the brochure.  "This interactive exhibition showcases the history of kites from their origins in ancient China 3,000 years ago, to their scientific uses world wide, to their nostalgic and fun-loving uses in America as one of our popular pastimes."

Kites are loaned from the American Kitefliers Asso, Morikami Museam and Japanese Gardens.

Not shown here, there are also many photographs of Kites, by members of the Boynton Beach Camera Club.

I apologize for not being able to  give recognition to everyone. But if you are in Florida and have an opportunity to stop by this beautiful museum. Please do it.
It is an amazing collection.
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