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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Kennedy Space Center- Atlantis

We were so glad that they let us in to tour this area, even though it was not officially open at the time we visited. 

I am delighted that the photos came out so well.

We walked through, and my first thought was that, I wished we could take the grandkids here.
I wished everyone's child could see and feel the excitement that Space travel stimulates.

As we looked in wonder, I can not even imagine what magnificent brains put this all together, what their imaginations must be like to create all this.

We were watching a T.V.show on Science about the Universe some months later, with the voice of David Hawking. And that "awe" feeling came back to overwhelm me.

How blessed we are to have opportunities, to create and explore.

How we wish that each child could see this and be stimulated to appreciate the value of learning.

To understand how big this world and universe is and what opportunities there are for each of them, if only they could just have the chance, not given, but earned.

Again with hard work, and education, each person has the opportunity to grow to be a productive person.
Everyone can have a part of a dream. But first one has to dream, then apply.

I feel blessed that we had the opportunity to see this and marvel.
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