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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Food on the Road

From time to time, I have shared what we were eating.

Yes, we are Americans, but after awhile  "Mac D" was getting a bit boring.
However, I must say, it never affected us one way or the other. And at the end of the trip, we did not gain a heck of a lot... a little muscle loss, maybe from all the sitting. Exercise !

This day I decided that Wendy's baked potato, with a salad would be healthier. So I ate with enjoyment, till I walked over and looked at the chart... Oh Dear... little hamburgers with lettuce and tomato are less calories.. So much for the Potato..
We would stop at stores and buy fresh fruit.  Too hot to eat in the car or to picnic.

Sorry my Vegan friends, beans, rice and salad only, was just not for us on the trip.

We found we lasted longer and were less hungry with protein.

Fabric, cards and puzzle I bought at the Quilt Store in Mississippi.
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  1. Ha ha! I am cooking dinner right now. Your picture makes me hungry. Probably the toppings on the potato that add the calories. So good, though!

  2. I recognize the problem, eating on the road is difficult. I favor Subway because I can pick and choose. Some subways will just put the ingredients on the paper and I eat it with a fork. But mostly they insist I have to have the bread. It goes in the trash with the paper, such a silly waste. I've found some excellent restaurants in the AAA Tour Books, although they are usually not cheap. There is a wonderful place in Saint George, UT, called The Painted Pony. I think I'll plan a trip just so I can eat there again.


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