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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Big Cities. Mobile, Alabama

I am not keen on Big Cities.  It means traffic, bridges, tunnels and busyness.
Guess that is why we live in the country.  On our way into Mobile.

But look at all the opportunity to see things, experience, what you have not experienced before.

 Off in the distance is the U.S.S. Alabama.. Put that on the list when we turn around and head home.

And look what drove up next to us!  It is the Google Maps Bug, do you think we are on some Google Map.. Hope not I look a bit silly with my camera shooting at 80 miles an hour. The posted speed!

Well, maybe it is 75 here.. keeps changing.

Is there someone driving that car?
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  1. I saw Google maps when they drove through Visalia. I am actually in one of the street views on Court St. crazy! :)


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