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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Welcome to the State of Louisiana

All of the States we entered had Welcome buildings with flyers and information on that state.
Most of the buildings are amazing architecture and have friendly
people to answer questions about their State.

 You can see my reflection taking a photo of this plaque telling about the Longleaf Pine.

As a quilter and photographer the texture and the age of this tree inspired me.

 They had a variety of stuffed animals that live in their woodlands.

It would be amazing to see these in real life.

However, it would depend on the circumstances.

We have racoons at home, and they are probably feasting on my fruit trees as I take photos.   I have some I would like to stuff when we get home.

Just kidding, but if all my fruit is gone, hummmm.

Now, this guy is about the size of my cat!  No way, do I want to meet him! or her!
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