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Friday, July 12, 2013

Moss Point, Mississippi

 Onward, next stop

Cute little folded Elephant towel on the bed at the Best Western in Moss Point.

Ralph taking the photo of a Strawberry Margarita.

Chicken Taco Salad,,, oh so good

Hacienda San Miguel Restaurant

Another Best Western Hotel..

We have been on the road for 18 days, even though I am writing each day I think some things are getting mixed up. If you drive the highway 10, stay on the main highway, it seems like a long ribbon going straight across the U.S. There are turn off's but you don't have to go far, and you will find all the box stores, every hotel/motel you ever thought about, and every style of hamburgers, and fast food restaurant. We are not making any reservations ahead, but we are trying to stop about 4:30. If we get near a large city or what we think might be a popular area, we will probably call ahead of our stopping time.  So far this is working.

Vegetation changes, from dessert to waterways of Louisiana and the southern States. When ever I see extreme changes I often wonder what the pioneers thought and why they homesteaded where they did. The challenges are amazing.. we were staying in a motel in Louisiana, and Gater hunting came on the T.V. Talk about a challenge. It was interesting nothing I want to do.   My husband is asking his relatives when hunting season is and thinking about coming down at that  time of year..

Personally, that is something I can pass on.
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  1. You certainly have been gone a long time. Bet you and your critters will be happy when you get home. What are you using to post on your blog? You really have me curious about those Kindles.


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