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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Louisiana- America's Wet Land

I have not spoken about the weather.  These look like beautiful cool clouds.

We did not do any camping on this trip, even though we had a mattress to pump up in the Honda Odyssey.  We had taken the back, up right seats out, just in case. We also had a cooler, and some provisions.

Front porch at a Best Western, just in time for a down pour.
80 - 90 degrees and most of the time humid or wet.
Wet most afternoons. 

I just had to show this photo.. We seldom called ahead for a room, and just took our chances, but if we were going to be staying near a larger city I would call ahead.  I made good use of my handy I phone and a Best Western Book.  This time on the way to Alexander, I just had a feeling to call ahead.. They only had one room left, and it was a suite.. Price was about the same as most places we had stayed.
Thinking a suite was a room and maybe living room, it was fine with us. When we entered the room this is what we found.  Surprise!
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