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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I 10, To Denham Springs, Louisianna

We drove over many swamps, lakes and water areas. Seems like the road to eternity here is raised and two lanes on either direction over the water ways.
All I could think of was the show we happened upon on T.V. that night about Gator Hunting.

As we drove off the highway into Denham Springs, dry land,  we saw the Bass Pro Shop. I have never been and next to it is the Islanorda Fish  Company Restaurant... and being hungry we ordered one of their specialties.

Alligator, as you see it above. The sauce was delicious, Ralph said, sort of a pesto, with jalapeno.
And yes alligator tastes  like chicken,, very good.

Ralph ordered a Fish taco, also very good.

I enjoyed grilled shrimp, and Caesar Salad, one of my favorites. 

We stopped at the Hampton Inn, and I thought what a nice little addition, to add different black and white photos with the room numbers in the hall.

How about this,  A work tray,, sorry I forgot to turn it clock wise. One of the items we found we looked for first in a room, were electrical outlets.  Ralph usually got the desk and I went for writing while sitting on the bed . This worked perfectly.
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