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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Gulfport, Mississippi- 2005-2013

A post card we bought in May 2005, the last time we were in Gulfport.
Just before the hurricane Katrina in August.

The town near by on the Gulf of Mexico is called Long Beach.
There is also a Long Beach, Calif. so that time we called son Scott to say we were in Long Beach, "hey, I thought you were in Mississippi". We said, yes, Long Beach, Mississippi.

Beautiful mansions lined the Gulf, with fantastic views.

We thought we would be shocked to see many of the houses and the trees gone.
But all is gone except for a few trees.

Some people are brave and a few of the lots have been sold, but many have very large signs,

The land has been cleared except for some of the stairs, and pads from the previous home owners.

Homes that have been built by brave souls are now on very high pillars.

The Casinos have come back along the water front, and a beautiful new boat arena has been built.
We did not have time to explore more.

It saddens me to see all the old historic homes  have disappeared.  I am glad I made a real album that year when we returned home.. My older computer  crashed  and I lost all the photos.   I  scanned the one into my newer computer.. Remember to back up!
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