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Friday, July 26, 2013

Denham Springs, onward toward Mississippi

Home Sweet home... just kidding.

Just could not leave the area with out an Alligator snack.
Ralph's cousins have invited him back for the big Alligator hunt in Sept.
I think I will pass on that trip!

We took this photo with his Aunt,  ( the other Aunt is the one in Texas he has many more, but these are the two we visited on this trip) who really did not want her photo taken, but since she does not have a computer, I think I will take the risk and post it..  
We spent Fathers Day there, and the whole family in the area turned up.. Babies, small kids and all.
Great fun, delicious food, but no photos, everyone moved too fast.

On the road toward Mississippi, yes, water and trees below us!
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