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Friday, July 19, 2013

" Crunchy Hot Mama" Texas toward Louisiana

Most of you know I hate, am chicken, of high bridges, well let me tell you, I would not be driving in Dallas area.  I would need someone to driving me or look down at my feet the whole time and that is hard if I were the driver. Well impossible.

I will probably make this statement again,  Ralph has patience.  Because every time we came to a curve on one of these, I said "please slow down".  I was the navigator maps in hand, he the pilot etc.

I have to tell you about staying at another cousin  near Dallas.  She is a delightful young women, with one baby girl and one due in September. She has a very informative food blog called
Crunchy Hot Mama. Love the name.  Look it up you will be surprised by the topics, especially if you have kids and or Celiac Disease.  We had a delicious healthy meal, love the mashed cauliflower on top of the meal.  They gave us the guest room, and we were off the next day.   Mostly our driving in the Southern states was in rolling land or very flat.

This is why coming from such a flat area, our mountains in Calif., Yosemite to be exact are so awe inspiring. It is such a great extreme.

Our Amazing Military Men on the move. We saw military vehicles periodically along our drive.

The roads in this area are a long ribbon of concrete, mostly great flat extensions with farms, or trees on the sides.

Some areas had been devastated and the trees downed or stripped of their leaves.

Mostly things flew by in a blur.  
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