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Friday, July 5, 2013

Air Museum, near Austin Texas.

This is about the time my computer/ blogger went down. But everything seems to be ok now, so onward.
Ralph's family took us to this air museum, it raises funds from donations, and they fly these planes in Air Shows.  This keeps the memories alive, which is an important part of our history as a free America.

I won't pretend to know the names of these fantastic flying machines, other than to say my father flew them when they were not used for shows. This is a working hanger, where men in the know, work on the aircraft.
 In my mind, the men that fly these have to be very daring.

My mother and father were engaged in a plane that looked very much like this.

Ralph's Aunt showing us how she worked on the parts of planes in Up State New York.
She was a young women and many of her siblings also did what they could to help the war effort.  

We had lunch in a vault.  Just don't close the door! Chandelier and all.
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