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Monday, July 29, 2013

Thoughts from Om

A moment to rest and to gather thoughts.
a saying from OM.

"The universe is fully supportive of what you want, but it is up to you to go for it."

First you have to know what you want.

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Gulfport, Mississippi- 2005-2013

A post card we bought in May 2005, the last time we were in Gulfport.
Just before the hurricane Katrina in August.

The town near by on the Gulf of Mexico is called Long Beach.
There is also a Long Beach, Calif. so that time we called son Scott to say we were in Long Beach, "hey, I thought you were in Mississippi". We said, yes, Long Beach, Mississippi.

Beautiful mansions lined the Gulf, with fantastic views.

We thought we would be shocked to see many of the houses and the trees gone.
But all is gone except for a few trees.

Some people are brave and a few of the lots have been sold, but many have very large signs,

The land has been cleared except for some of the stairs, and pads from the previous home owners.

Homes that have been built by brave souls are now on very high pillars.

The Casinos have come back along the water front, and a beautiful new boat arena has been built.
We did not have time to explore more.

It saddens me to see all the old historic homes  have disappeared.  I am glad I made a real album that year when we returned home.. My older computer  crashed  and I lost all the photos.   I  scanned the one into my newer computer.. Remember to back up!
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Friday, July 26, 2013

Denham Springs, onward toward Mississippi

Home Sweet home... just kidding.

Just could not leave the area with out an Alligator snack.
Ralph's cousins have invited him back for the big Alligator hunt in Sept.
I think I will pass on that trip!

We took this photo with his Aunt,  ( the other Aunt is the one in Texas he has many more, but these are the two we visited on this trip) who really did not want her photo taken, but since she does not have a computer, I think I will take the risk and post it..  
We spent Fathers Day there, and the whole family in the area turned up.. Babies, small kids and all.
Great fun, delicious food, but no photos, everyone moved too fast.

On the road toward Mississippi, yes, water and trees below us!
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Stephan Wanger - bead artist -Denham Springs, Louisiana

We were in Denham Springs to visit Ralph's Aunt.  We had the opportunity to wander the Historic Antique area for a little while,, I say little while, because it was soooo hot and humid.

There were many antique places, one next to the other, for several blocks all tempting.
I had decided that this trip we would not go from Quilt store to quilt store, as we have in the past. This time I was in search of some bead stores. So I asked if they had one close by.  I ususally was pointed at Hobby Lobby or Michaels.. and that was not what I was looking for.

This time the owner of the Theater Antiques directed us to an exhibition of BEAD ART at City Hall.

City Hall was near by and we made it before we totally melted onto the side walk.

Stephan Wanger's art is amazing, each one of those beads are the Mardi Gras beads, salvaged from New Orleans.   We took tons of photos,

but I will not show all of them, just a few to wet your appetite. If you ever have the opportunity to see his art in person.. GO, click on his name above and visit his site..

This is one whole wall, I might guess about 10 ft. long. 

Sometimes one gets really lucky on a trip. Seeing the unplanned is what makes a trip so memorable in so many ways. 
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I 10, To Denham Springs, Louisianna

We drove over many swamps, lakes and water areas. Seems like the road to eternity here is raised and two lanes on either direction over the water ways.
All I could think of was the show we happened upon on T.V. that night about Gator Hunting.

As we drove off the highway into Denham Springs, dry land,  we saw the Bass Pro Shop. I have never been and next to it is the Islanorda Fish  Company Restaurant... and being hungry we ordered one of their specialties.

Alligator, as you see it above. The sauce was delicious, Ralph said, sort of a pesto, with jalapeno.
And yes alligator tastes  like chicken,, very good.

Ralph ordered a Fish taco, also very good.

I enjoyed grilled shrimp, and Caesar Salad, one of my favorites. 

We stopped at the Hampton Inn, and I thought what a nice little addition, to add different black and white photos with the room numbers in the hall.

How about this,  A work tray,, sorry I forgot to turn it clock wise. One of the items we found we looked for first in a room, were electrical outlets.  Ralph usually got the desk and I went for writing while sitting on the bed . This worked perfectly.
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Louisiana- America's Wet Land

I have not spoken about the weather.  These look like beautiful cool clouds.

We did not do any camping on this trip, even though we had a mattress to pump up in the Honda Odyssey.  We had taken the back, up right seats out, just in case. We also had a cooler, and some provisions.

Front porch at a Best Western, just in time for a down pour.
80 - 90 degrees and most of the time humid or wet.
Wet most afternoons. 

I just had to show this photo.. We seldom called ahead for a room, and just took our chances, but if we were going to be staying near a larger city I would call ahead.  I made good use of my handy I phone and a Best Western Book.  This time on the way to Alexander, I just had a feeling to call ahead.. They only had one room left, and it was a suite.. Price was about the same as most places we had stayed.
Thinking a suite was a room and maybe living room, it was fine with us. When we entered the room this is what we found.  Surprise!
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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Welcome to the State of Louisiana

All of the States we entered had Welcome buildings with flyers and information on that state.
Most of the buildings are amazing architecture and have friendly
people to answer questions about their State.

 You can see my reflection taking a photo of this plaque telling about the Longleaf Pine.

As a quilter and photographer the texture and the age of this tree inspired me.

 They had a variety of stuffed animals that live in their woodlands.

It would be amazing to see these in real life.

However, it would depend on the circumstances.

We have racoons at home, and they are probably feasting on my fruit trees as I take photos.   I have some I would like to stuff when we get home.

Just kidding, but if all my fruit is gone, hummmm.

Now, this guy is about the size of my cat!  No way, do I want to meet him! or her!
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Friday, July 19, 2013

" Crunchy Hot Mama" Texas toward Louisiana

Most of you know I hate, am chicken, of high bridges, well let me tell you, I would not be driving in Dallas area.  I would need someone to driving me or look down at my feet the whole time and that is hard if I were the driver. Well impossible.

I will probably make this statement again,  Ralph has patience.  Because every time we came to a curve on one of these, I said "please slow down".  I was the navigator maps in hand, he the pilot etc.

I have to tell you about staying at another cousin  near Dallas.  She is a delightful young women, with one baby girl and one due in September. She has a very informative food blog called
Crunchy Hot Mama. Love the name.  Look it up you will be surprised by the topics, especially if you have kids and or Celiac Disease.  We had a delicious healthy meal, love the mashed cauliflower on top of the meal.  They gave us the guest room, and we were off the next day.   Mostly our driving in the Southern states was in rolling land or very flat.

This is why coming from such a flat area, our mountains in Calif., Yosemite to be exact are so awe inspiring. It is such a great extreme.

Our Amazing Military Men on the move. We saw military vehicles periodically along our drive.

The roads in this area are a long ribbon of concrete, mostly great flat extensions with farms, or trees on the sides.

Some areas had been devastated and the trees downed or stripped of their leaves.

Mostly things flew by in a blur.  
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bush Library - Dallas

From the Austin area of Texas we drove north.
As long as we were this close we wanted to visit the Bush Library.

No matter what your politics we all want to remain Free, with freedom of choice.
That is the bottom line, Freedom in all capacities.

 It was fun to have our photos taken in the oval office.

We had a picture taken behind the desk also, but the sun was shining and the photo did not turn out as we would have wanted it. So the gal suggested trying it with "Washington".

This is a beautiful library and one could spend hours there reading and enjoying the atmosphere of history.

People of all color and back ground were enjoying the setting. Please don't send me any political information, this is a moment to enjoy what our great country is all about.


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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"Joy", Entry in to Zen Theme

I need to make some adjustments.. the theme has changed at the gallery while we are gone and this is the piece that is hanging at the gallery for the Zen Theme.. If you are in the area be sure to stop in and check out the amazing art, and there are lots of gift items available also.. One of a kind made locally is a lovely gift to give.
"Joy" is just that whimsical piece, with stitching going in all directions in a variety of sizes and strips.

My hand dyes as well as bits of commercial fabrics are sewn together in all directions.
Next  back to the trip!
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