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Monday, June 17, 2013

Tucson, El Charro Resturant

Well, after all the colorful ceramic pieces, and the hot desert. I checked out the AAA book, as we came into Tucson.  And they recommended El Charro. With GPS it was easy to find, even with all the road work being done in downtown.

Every where you looked are amazing pieces of art and design.

Love these 3 sombreros. Great atmosphere! Fantastic service.

So many of my friends take photos of the food, so I thought I would share what we had to eat also.
I ordered a Taco Salad, not knowing it came with delicious soup.

Ralph always tries the Huevos Rancheros in all  Mexican Restaurants that we visit.
His dish was
 beautiful with rice and beans on the side.. Not sure he found the eggs. But look at all the colors of reds and greens... oh, yes, corn and flour tortillas.

This grilled chicken Salad was delicious, with the soup, I felt I was waddling out.
We watched as each fantastic dish came out of the kitchen.
I had an opportunity to talk with the manager, a delightful lady, who is also an artist. And told us, the museums are closed on Monday... as we thought.  Onward...Back on the 10.  How far will we go?

Hang in there with me,,, I am a bit out of order on my postings... and a bit behind, because some of the places we are stopping do not have WiFi..  
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