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Monday, June 24, 2013

Nearing Van Horn.

Every once in awhile, something pops up in the desert.. Does any one know what this is?

I love taking photos of building,, so many have been left to turn to dust.

Some one took the time to paint the exteriors of this row of buildings.

Love the Fence..  and now it is all turning to dust. The buisiness have disappeared.

This town must have about 15 motel/hotels along both sides of the freeways, but could we find a restaurant? We ended up at a Pilot- Wendy's.. Acutually, their salad was very good, and we shared a chicken sandwich..   We have not made any reservations ahead of time.. have no idea how far we will get in one day.. But we do pretty much stick to the call ahead about 4 or stop by 4:30,, so far this has worked out just fine...

And we do have our I phones, and most of the time they work.. Just Google the city, we also have the Auto Club book for each State..  Just in case we have a blow up mattress in the back, think we have it all covered...lots of water.
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  1. Those round things on a pedestal are doppler radar. If you look on Google Images with "Doppler" you'll see many different versions. Have a great trip. Love, Del

  2. It looks like a water tower. I love the post office building!

  3. It could be either I guess,, Some of the water towers we are seeing are really in interesting shapes... Will post a photo later, we drove up on the Google car... speeding along the highway.. I got a photo but more about that later!


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