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Monday, June 17, 2013

Museum of Art, and Branigan Cultural Center, Las Cruces, New Mexico

We had the opportunity to go to the Museum of Art, before our lunch. There is a lovely permanent exhibition about the animals and land of the area.  I am not much on the skeleton of a rattle snake, but is worth looking at. The teeth are really impressive.  Glad we didn't live in the period of the dinosaurs.  I am always surprised that the imprints of so many animals can still  be found on the rocks.

This is the photo I posted when I could not post anything but a test.  It is in front of the Museum of Art. Impressive sculpture.

Across the arcade is the Branigan Cultrual Center. The buildings in this area seem very new, the one thing is seemed to lack was shade.. but here at the entry is a quiet place to sit.

On any other day it would be fun to sit here, but not at 100 degrees. Oh, yes, I know it is dry heat!

My friend Peggy, loves tatting, and this display caught my eye.. such delicate work.   I mentioned that these building seem new, but the Branigan was acutually built in 1935 as a public library,  The architectural style is Pueblo Revival.  It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

They have a permanent exhibit Las Cruces,,, Crossroads of History, which is an overview of their past.. We found it facinating to look at all the photos and items that were collected.
Admission is free, but donations are always appreciated..

I also enjoyed seeing mothers and groups of well behaved children visiting and asking questions.
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