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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lyndon B. Johnson's Ranch, Johnson City, Texas

Another stop, that was a good choice. Yes, this was another stop before we arrived in Austin..Bare with me!

 A metal buffalo, but there are real ones on the State field adjacent to the Ranch.

This church is also on the ranch, it was not open.

Hereford's were the prime breeding stock of  President Johnson at that time.

This is one of the off spring, they continue to refine the breed.  If you look closely, there are weights on the horns, that is so they grow curved down. Benefit, you can't get gored. This guy was so gentle I even petted him. Would not want to be in an open field with these heavy guys, especially if it was angry.

 The President's airplane from that time looks small compared to the Presidents plane now.  The house tour was very interesting and the discussion about the people that attended meetings there..

We could see how being on the ranch could be grounding for visitors. We were told about the hometown barbeques that brought government leaders together.

We had a tour of the house, but now photos are allowed... Sorry!
This is worth the visit!

The wild flowers had
bloomed out in the heat.

And it was hot!
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  1. I just love reading about your travels. So many interesting tid bits. It sounds like you and Ralph are really enjoying the trip. Hugs.


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