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Friday, June 14, 2013

Las Cruces - Bernina and Fabric

As we drove down the freeway 10 in New Mexico, what to our surprise it said Quilt Store.  Now, that is really a draw. I mean who could pass up finding a quilt store that spent all that money advertising on a bill board.
 Also it is open on a Tues.. which the other one was not.. Most museums are closed on Mondays, and I never thought a store would be closed on Tues, So we were really extra happy to see this one is open on the day we are  in the neighborhood.

The owner is delightful and we had a wonderful chat about the area, art quilts and fabric dyeing.
We told were we are from, and then to my surprise she gifted me with a fat quarter.
What a nice way to treat a guest from out of the area.
Oh, yes, I did buy some wonderful colorful fabric.

 I love the colorful displays.
They have lots of Bernina Sewing machines in the front of the store, but lots of fabrics toward the back of the store.   The colorful table setting above caught my eye, as well as these delightful bags,, Lots of patterns, and fabric to chose from.. I also was interested in place mat forms,, Had never seen those before, but did not take a photo.

This was just one corner.. Loved hearing the Southern twang, guess we are getting closer to the south.
If you are in the area, be sure to stop in, everyone is very friendly, and also the shoppers were helping telling us how to find the local museums.  Thank you. One word of caution,,, if you have a GPS, which we used.. be careful, there are lots of one way streets, and I guess our GPS did not get the info..and one ways are not very well marked.

So look twice before hopping into traffic. 
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  1. I love hearing about your adventures and stops along your trip. Beautiful photos. Miss you. From your posts I know you're having a great trip. Hugs

  2. Are the pink and orange ruffles a bag? Very intriguing!

  3. yes, they are all purses that are hanging on the post. cute aren't they.

  4. Great blogs posts from what sounds like a fabulous trip, Vivian! It makes me want to go, go, go, but I'm going to stay, stay, stay for the time being. Glad to hear you're having such a good time--the photos and posts are fantastic!


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