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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Creations Quilt Store in Kerrville, Texas

At least this time I did not make my husband go 125 miles out of his way for a quilt store.

We were checking through the Quilters Traveling Book, which is the size of a large cities telephone book.  And I found several quilt stores on the way to visit relatives. Kerrville is the first stop in Texas.

"Creations" is an amazing store. The mannikins set around the variety of rooms, almost made me want to make clothes of the fantastic fabrics that they have on hand.

 Their book collection is overwhelming.

The store looks like an old Victorian and all the rooms are bulging with beautiful fabrics and super ideas.

I had to buy some Kaffe fabric and also some new Australian looking designs.  I picked some up at the last quilt store also.

Fabrics are grouped by color as well as Designer.

There is a special room for wools, and knits.

Yummy reds, rusts and browns.

You could wander and buy here for hours..I spoke with the gals, and all are delightful. They have lots of classes and a special building across the parking lots for classes and retreats.
All very tempting..
would love to stay for a retreat here!

The ladies in Las Cruces were right about this being a MUST stop.
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  1. Looks like you're having a delightful trip! Thanks for taking us along. :)


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