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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lyndon B. Johnson's Ranch, Johnson City, Texas

Another stop, that was a good choice. Yes, this was another stop before we arrived in Austin..Bare with me!

 A metal buffalo, but there are real ones on the State field adjacent to the Ranch.

This church is also on the ranch, it was not open.

Hereford's were the prime breeding stock of  President Johnson at that time.

This is one of the off spring, they continue to refine the breed.  If you look closely, there are weights on the horns, that is so they grow curved down. Benefit, you can't get gored. This guy was so gentle I even petted him. Would not want to be in an open field with these heavy guys, especially if it was angry.

 The President's airplane from that time looks small compared to the Presidents plane now.  The house tour was very interesting and the discussion about the people that attended meetings there..

We could see how being on the ranch could be grounding for visitors. We were told about the hometown barbeques that brought government leaders together.

We had a tour of the house, but now photos are allowed... Sorry!
This is worth the visit!

The wild flowers had
bloomed out in the heat.

And it was hot!
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National Museum in Fredericksburg, Texas

Hi, I goofed and got my writing out of order.. Fredericksburg is before we drove to Austin.. Bear with me.
We got a bit side tracked in Fredericksburg, stopping there for the quilt store,

They have an amazing War Museum. We especially found it interesting because of the detail and the lay out very absorbing.  I usually have to pull Ralph away from all the reading, so onward and this was not exception. We spent lots of time there and it was an unexpected side trip. Wish we had scheduled a whole day for exploring.

Lots of goodies for sale at the store, all for a good cause.   And from the looks there is a whole street of wonderful stores.
But no time, need to be on the road again.

Beautiful gardens, amid the names of the fallen.

Yes, Ralph bought something as a memory item,, you will probably see him wearing it sometime.
But will let that be a surprise.
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Austin, Texas, Capitol

We made it to Austin Texas. This is where our Granddaughter graduated from College, and where Ralph's Aunt Lee is staying so that we can visit with  everyone.

Aunt Lee's Daughter and Son in Law welcomed us to their home, and took us on a tour of the Capital.

It is a very impressive building, and I was fascinated with everything, floors especially have amazing designs.

You can just imaging conducting business in this hall, all the wood work in this building is impressive.

Another small part of this impressive design on the floor.

Everyone should have such a colorful Cow.  This would look fantastic in our field.

And the largest Star in Texas, they say everything is bigger in Texas, guess this star is for sure.

Ralph's relatives were very generous with sharing their beautiful home and drove us around to see so many extraordinary places.

We had a delicious lunch at the Capitol dining room on a lower floor.

So much to see, so little time.
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"One Quilt"- Fredericksburg- Texas

"One Quilt" is moving from their present location.
The owner Beverly Allen is a delightful energetic lady.

She has lots of plans for their new location, on- line web site, facebook and blog.

I love the variety of storage cabinets for Fat Quarters.

If you are in the Fredericksburg area of Texas, be sure to stop in. Beautiful fabrics, and lots more in the plans.
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Creations Quilt Store in Kerrville, Texas

At least this time I did not make my husband go 125 miles out of his way for a quilt store.

We were checking through the Quilters Traveling Book, which is the size of a large cities telephone book.  And I found several quilt stores on the way to visit relatives. Kerrville is the first stop in Texas.

"Creations" is an amazing store. The mannikins set around the variety of rooms, almost made me want to make clothes of the fantastic fabrics that they have on hand.

 Their book collection is overwhelming.

The store looks like an old Victorian and all the rooms are bulging with beautiful fabrics and super ideas.

I had to buy some Kaffe fabric and also some new Australian looking designs.  I picked some up at the last quilt store also.

Fabrics are grouped by color as well as Designer.

There is a special room for wools, and knits.

Yummy reds, rusts and browns.

You could wander and buy here for hours..I spoke with the gals, and all are delightful. They have lots of classes and a special building across the parking lots for classes and retreats.
All very tempting..
would love to stay for a retreat here!

The ladies in Las Cruces were right about this being a MUST stop.
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Monday, June 24, 2013

Nearing Van Horn.

Every once in awhile, something pops up in the desert.. Does any one know what this is?

I love taking photos of building,, so many have been left to turn to dust.

Some one took the time to paint the exteriors of this row of buildings.

Love the Fence..  and now it is all turning to dust. The buisiness have disappeared.

This town must have about 15 motel/hotels along both sides of the freeways, but could we find a restaurant? We ended up at a Pilot- Wendy's.. Acutually, their salad was very good, and we shared a chicken sandwich..   We have not made any reservations ahead of time.. have no idea how far we will get in one day.. But we do pretty much stick to the call ahead about 4 or stop by 4:30,, so far this has worked out just fine...

And we do have our I phones, and most of the time they work.. Just Google the city, we also have the Auto Club book for each State..  Just in case we have a blow up mattress in the back, think we have it all covered...lots of water.
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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Where are we Now?

Driving can be tiring, especially when after 5 days of travel, you end up at home in Calif. or are we?
Bakersfield Calif.??  No, it is another Bakersfield!

Miles of beautiful rolling  prairie fly by, it is getting greener as we near a city called Ozona.  It is still in the 90's, clouds are on the horizons.. We see a sign that gives a radio station that gives the weather reports.. Never did find that station as all of them have static..  Thankful for beautiful music on our C.D's.

As I look out at this amazing land, where you can look in every direction and see nothing but vegetation, I wonder what the people thought who came here on horse back or in a buggy.  They must have had perseverance, to bear it though all the weather conditions.

Speed limit here is posted at 80 miles an hour.. I feel like I am on a roller coaster.

Have you guessed, Texas.


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New Mexico, where to next????

Rocks, aren't they impressive?

Do you ever wonder what they have seen, was this rock used for a look out by the Indians?

We stopped at this rest stop to be awe struck with the beauty of these rocks, these are hills just built of these rocks by nature, one stacked on another, each fitting so tightly, or are they. When they chose to move they will.

My hubby taking some close ups, he looks so small next to these amazing rocks.

Picked up some post cards for friends...  That seems sort of old fashioned.. but bet they will enjoy them. or maybe I will just keep them... Onward
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Monday, June 17, 2013

Tucson, El Charro Resturant

Well, after all the colorful ceramic pieces, and the hot desert. I checked out the AAA book, as we came into Tucson.  And they recommended El Charro. With GPS it was easy to find, even with all the road work being done in downtown.

Every where you looked are amazing pieces of art and design.

Love these 3 sombreros. Great atmosphere! Fantastic service.

So many of my friends take photos of the food, so I thought I would share what we had to eat also.
I ordered a Taco Salad, not knowing it came with delicious soup.

Ralph always tries the Huevos Rancheros in all  Mexican Restaurants that we visit.
His dish was
 beautiful with rice and beans on the side.. Not sure he found the eggs. But look at all the colors of reds and greens... oh, yes, corn and flour tortillas.

This grilled chicken Salad was delicious, with the soup, I felt I was waddling out.
We watched as each fantastic dish came out of the kitchen.
I had an opportunity to talk with the manager, a delightful lady, who is also an artist. And told us, the museums are closed on Monday... as we thought.  Onward...Back on the 10.  How far will we go?

Hang in there with me,,, I am a bit out of order on my postings... and a bit behind, because some of the places we are stopping do not have WiFi..  
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