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Monday, May 13, 2013

Harvey the Rabbit

Mary Jane Brewster is an artist with an amazing amount of talent. She had two paintings at the recent YWA Showing at Timberline Gallery.
I really want to share with you this fantastic painting of Harvey, and the story that Mary Jane shared with me.
Why did I pick this one out of over 75 entries, because it made me smile. And I wanted to show how much detail work goes into the productions of our local Golden Chain Theater. If you are ever up this way, be sure to get tickets and it will take you back in time, probably before you were born.

Mary Jane Brewster was asked by Dr. Richard Hoffman, the director of the Golden Chain Theater’s  production of HARVEY, to paint two portraits for the play.

Harvey is a witty play by Mary Chase. It was one of the longest running plays on Broadway and also in the London. Later the play was made into a very popular movie starring Jimmy Stuart.

The story is about Elwood P. Dowd, a sweet gentle man who lives with his sister, her grown daughter and Elwood's best friend Harvey. The women want to impress the wealthy crowd and are embarrassed by Elwood's and his friend. The two women plot to have Elwood committed to an institution. You see, Harvey is a 6'2", well read and a very intelligent white Rabbit! No one can see Harvey except Elwood.
The Painting is the only way the audience gets to see Harvey. In the play, Elwood unwraps the painting from brown paper and swings it around with great delight and places it on the mantle, covering a portrait of his mother.

Jane painted both pictures and made the frame insert for his mother's painting.  Both were received with such joy and enthusiasm.  "The Harvey canvas was painted to resemble the paintings of the 50's and I put the brass tacks on the edges as would have been the case."
The portrait is of Jason Turner who starred as Elwood in the Golden chain production.
All of the actors, and the sets, and the costuming, and directing were excellent. There were no parking places left at the theater on Saturday night.

"There was an attempt by popular demand to hold it over for another week, but it could not be arranged. It was a great pleasure for me and I am glad that you enjoyed Harvey too."
Thank you Mary Jane.
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  1. Such a sweet story. Sounds like you were very fortunate to see the play.


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