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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Postmarkd'Art- Africa- 2013

I usually make the same card for everyone, but this time, the fabric shouted to change each image.

This was great fun piecing,, Haven't done this type of piecing in a long time, and it was very relaxing.

I always make one for keeping.  Which one do you think I should keep?

One more theme to do.. I have never been this early, but when Ideas Pop, one really has to follow the lead and get that done..  The tiny round circles are tiny buttons.. Don't think they fit with Africa,  but the colors worked and added to the design..

Now, have to wait to see what everyone else has for ideas.
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  1. Keep the monkey. He just really stands out as being the best as far as composition. His expression is also priceless.

  2. Hi Kay,, that is the one I kept!

  3. I knew it!!! That face is just too darn cute.


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