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Monday, April 15, 2013

Making a gift Card

Several weeks ago we went to our granddaughters wedding shower.  I wanted to make a card that   coordinated with my funny Tea Hat ( which I gave to her) and would also hold a memory for her.

Easy to find expensive or inexpensive silk flowers,  pull them off the stem and flatten the flowers a bit.. I used some Japanese rice paper that I had and glued that to the blank card, then glued the petals  on top.. Let that dry, added buttons, and a butterfly sticker. 

I wrote on the inside with a pink and green gel pen.

Viola, a card to remember.
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  1. Very sweet! I was just drooling over some Japanese rice paper I saw the other day for sale--the kind with leaves and foliage pressed inside. I was really disappointed that there was no place for it in quilting. Then I went to our guild meeting last night. The speaker was Linda Turley, and she showed us how she incorporates paper and tissue collage into her art quilts. Needless to say, I am going to buy that rice paper :-).


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