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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wedding Shower

I have to show some of the goodies at the wedding Shower,  it was wonderful seeing all the girls dressed up in their lovely colorful Spring dresses.

Jade is blessed to have a very creative friend, Samantha Petry, who made so many of the delicious treats. Sam graduated from O.CC. with a degree in Pastry.. I had never heard of this but if her wonderful treats were any example, that is the school to attend. Sam has her own business creating these exceptional cakes.

Just like in any art, this is a specialty.  The presentation was beautiful and it was almost a shame to eat these little beauties... But let me say, that did not stop me... and they were delicious.

There was, as always too much food , but these little delicacies went fast. 

Samantha and Jade ( pink ) hat.  You can see the happiness shining from both these delightful ladies.

Oh,, no I did not find any pink jeans.. 
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  1. They look absolutely beautiful! And the girls are so cute.

  2. oh, oh, oh it's all so lovely.
    LeeAnna Paylor


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