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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Soup and Salad

Whats for dinner?  Has been asked on many of the blogs. So I made soup and salad for dinner.
Amazing, it is a great way to lose weight.. and this case another container out of the freezer.

My husband does not care for broccoli, but he liked this soup of chicken broth, carrots, pasta broken up and a bit of puree' to make it a bit different from the chunky soup of the other night.
Ok, yes, it is healthy also... I think in some places it is called Stone Soup, or in my case " clean out the veggie bin".

But the really exciting part was stopping in at the Dollar Store and finding these wonderful colorful plates.  I already had the bowls from World Market eons ago.. When I saw these plates which are smaller than our usual dinner plates, ( another great idea for cutting back), I knew they would be the perfect spark for a gray day.

So many of the quilts are showing circles, sorry you can not see the circles with the food, but it is like uncovering a quilt block..

Do you use colorful dishes at this time of year?

Don't need a whole set, mix and match, enjoy!
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