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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mill Creek Fiber Works

Oakhurst now has a Mill, for what you say??  Not flour, but for all our sheared animals.
Some of you know that we have 4 llamas.  A brown, a black and white,  and a mama and her son that are white and brown.. well at least they usually are white after a rain.


Our "YoYo" Circle, went on a tour, to be honest I did not listen to much of what Kate told us, because I was so fascinated with all the machinery, and the bags of fleece.  Mill Creek Fiber Works  are on Facebook, check them out.

This afternoon, I am taking the bags I have of llama hair and will see what she can do with them.
I also NOW have a name of a shearer... which I hope calls me back soon.

Aren't these amazing colors, the natural and the hand dyed. Kate does all the dyeing at her home, which I found out is near me..

Aren't these amazing.  I think I will have our fleece spun into a worsted weight, and my thoughts at this time, is to knit a shawl with all of the varieties of color,, maybe a large stripe.  Will have to look at some simple patterns..  Am really excited!!! Hope there is enough for a shawl!!!!
Kate can be reached at 559-692-7746 in Oakhurst or see her on Facebook.

Yesterday, Kate, said I will have enough yarn for a shawl. My "yarn" is scheduled for May.
We decided to do Sport Weight, she said this would be lighter to wear, this is a real learning experience.

So will do my update on this in May,, and keep your fingers crossed that the shearer works out, and I will have some more fleece to have spun into??????
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