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Friday, February 22, 2013

Timberline Gallery- "Winter Season"

 I was sitting Timberline Gallery this last week. It was very cold and gray out side, and my hope was that it did not snow till I got home.  Which it did not, thankfully.

Our theme the last several months has been "Winter Joy". Very appropriate, it is Winter.

 March will be the opening to our next themed show " Spring Flowers"

 My quilt "Winter Season"is part of the winter theme, and looks wonderful with the 2 Blue Vases created by David Cares.

I had a series of 4 Seasons, 2 have sold and I have Summer and Winter left.

I enjoy working on themes and series, one thought leads to another.  Or if I feel something needs a bit of a change, I can do that on the next piece.  Maybe another color combination, a shape or an idea will come to mind.

Do you like to work in Series?
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  1. That quilt has always been one of my favorites or yours, Vivian. And yes, I love to work in series. It also has the added benefit of making an artist's work a cohesive whole that is reflective of them and their personality rather than work that is a timeline of unrelated bits and pieces.


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