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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ruffled Scarves

Ruffled scarves are such fun to knit and I enjoy the diversion from quilting. This is my evening entertainment, and keeps me from dipping into the ice cream.   The variety of colors make each one unique.
I had so many complements that I thought I would put them in the Mind Book Store in Oakhurst.
They will be available for purchase after Thurs. of this week...

Mind Store is open Wed & Thurs around noon, and Sunday from 11- noon. If one of the scarves  interests you and you can not get to the book store, be sure to contact me on my email.

Soft, cuddly, light, airy and warm.
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  1. Beautiful! I finally found the yarn and now I found some patterns so I'm about ready to try my first ruffled scarf! Regarding your comment on my blog, about the little "squares", I just changed the view to "Classic" and you can do that yourself--you can view it any one of a number of ways, some more overwhelming than others. :)


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