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Friday, February 8, 2013

Quilte Retreat-1 week

It was a new location for our 1 week Quilt Retreat and we were all (50)excited to say the least.
I have been attending with this group since 1998, and many have been attending for over 30 years.
Change is always a bit unsettling, but it was wonderful.. Not near the ocean, but in rolling hills a big change!  Because of my ankle this posed a bit of a challenge, it all worked out fine, thanks to many helpers and a few others in a similar position. The hills were a bit of a challenge for some.

I can't show the 2 pieces I was working on because they are part of an exhibition, but I did grab a "UFO" box and put these blocks together, also knitted a scarf, and finished the details on the two pieces that are now ready to ship.

I also checked out the contents of another UFO box, and found I really did not want to work on it. Checked with one of the ladies at the retreat to see if she would like it, and thankfully, she immediately had ideas on how to use it.. It was from the "Cotton Theory" book.. I have the book if any one wants it.. just let me know.

One day we took a break to Petaluma and stopped in at the Quilted Angel.  A lovely shop.  Had no intentions of buying any fabric, but then some Pinks grabbed me, and will let you know later what I might make of them..

Inside the Quilted Angel.. Full of goodies.

I came home with a cold that settled in my chest, and has now risen to my head. So I apologize for not being on top of things. With a cloudy head, and a due list, I have been trying to get it all done.

Will chat more about camp and show a few more photos. Hope your day is going well, and look out for that flu/cold... Not fun!
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  1. Have missed your posts and hope you are feeling better. I like the contrast in the piece that you took with you to work on.


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