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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Color Catcher Ideas?

Christmas and New Years are now over. We have closed the gate on that holiday, and we are looking toward a positive 2013 future. Mostly with the T.V. off.

Everyone is organizing,  well maybe not everyone, that is sort of a broad statement. But in reading the blogs, they are hopping right on the New Years Band wagon.  And so it should be a good positive attitude,,, We can all be excited about a "clean" slate and progress.

I have been dyeing some fabrics, and  several bloggers are sharing some new ideas. One being, throwing a Shout Color Catcher into the washes with fabric.  This has an interesting texture and I am sure I will find lots of ideas on what to do with them..

I think these colors are exciting.. could I use them as a thin felt?  They don't frey and they have been through the washer.. would be great on wall hangings.

Do you have any ideas what to do with Color Catchers that you would like to share?
P.S.,,, just got back from a week at Quilt Camp.. Will catch up soon..

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