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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Why Art?

Sunsets, remember to take a moment. Bless your day, be "greateful", did I really misspell this, Grateful.  There are so many things that are bigger than we are.

I never tire of the beauty of the sky, remember to look up and be amazed.

The other day , a dear friend of mine Anita Stoll had a challenging life changing moment.
She is proceeding now with wonderful health and an amazing out look on life.

She gifted me with a beautiful painting, and I gifted her with a gourd she has admired.

Her gift was wrapped in a bag from AAronbrothers, but it is part of the statement on the bag that has drawn my attention and I am taking the liberty of changing it a bit.

Art is my Life, my World, and my Passion.

What is your Passion?
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  1. Each day is important, even if it's a day of doing nothing but resting.

    My passions? Gd, art/writing, family (including extended family) and cats

  2. Enjoy every moment... all are precious.


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