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Monday, January 7, 2013

San Fransicso / Kaiser Hospital

View of San Francisco from our hotel room and a delicious dinner at Garibaldis. Next time, maybe will get to play tourist.

It would be lovely, if we were not coming to visit a Podiatrist Surgeon at Kaiser Hospital.

Long story short, about 25 years ago I broke my left ankle very badly, but was lucky and the surgeon did a wonderful job... that is also the time I met my husband Ralph while in Physical Therapy.
But that is another story from the past.

I have done fantastically with the ankle for all this time, not even giving it much thought, but recently I have been having sharp pains in it.. Knowing that I am being transferred to seeing a specialist surgeon, I figured that surgery would be the next "step".  But he gave some other suggestions to try first, and that I am a bit "young" to have this total ankle replacement surgery now... Ha! young for something! Total ankle is not like the recoup for the knee.. Guess I don't do things the easy way.

So at this time I am still hobbling around with a cane and  sometimes  crutches. Next week will probably see the local Kaiser Dr. again, get an ankle brace and probably a cortisone shot.. I will also need a knock out shot to get through this!

So if you have a moment, send some blessings for my ankle, that it loves the ankle brace enough to not give me any pain.

Off to the studio, working on a project that is due in Feb..

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