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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ice dyeing of scarves

Isn't this just the greatest reds? Do they look like chrysanthemums? I am going a bit crazy with the Ice Dyeing, it is such fun.. Might even put a piece out for gifting, for comment sign ups, well, will blog about that soon. Keep checking in..And I will let you know when and what.

I will not list this beautiful lady's name, because I forgot to ask her permission, but she did say I could show her photo off with the Infinity Scarf  that I hand dyed. She bought it at the Positive Living Center's Mind Shop Book Store in Oakhurst.

It is such fun to create the colors and this scarf is just perfect with her copper color hair and lovely sweater.  I am delighted when something I have created is also loved by another person.

 A percentage of the proceeds from art and book sales goes to our land where the church will be built.

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  1. Beautiful work Viv!! Love both pieces !! Have you heard about the grow your Blog event going on in Feb?? here is a link- you might want to join us- I think it will be fun!


    I am anxiously waiting for snow as I ahjvwe lots of fabric all ready to go for some snow dying!!! I am thinking that I should not wait for snow and go with the ice!!!!!

  2. This is definitely one of my favorite of your creations. Lovely.

  3. All of your ice-dyed fabric swatches that I recently looked at were just amazingly beautiful and unique!

  4. What colors did you use for the chrysanthemum piece? I am making bodices for a dance performance and you hit the colors I need just right. Beautiful work.


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