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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fabric Dyeing with Procion Dyes- EQ7

Scrub a dub into the tub. Perfect day to fabric dye.  I playing with the colors. This is Rust Orange, also played with some Better Black and a Grey I found on my cupboard.  Nothing particular in mind, because I love it all.
 There is no way for me to really direct how they will turn out, other than color choice.  However, several of the pieces I am planning to over dye..I am embarrassed to say how many hand dyes I have in my stash. The ones below are from today.

I usually teach a fabric dye class at the beginning of summer. We have a marvelous time with a variety of colors.
"Work" hard in the morning filling the jars, or large containers with a variety of colors. Then share a wonderful salad lunch and have a relaxing afternoon, chatting and  telling quilt tales. If interested be sure to get on my notification list (email me)

The hard part is using the fabric, really cutting it up and using it. Don't get so attached that all we can do is unfold them, and promise to use them next time.. Time to be brave, pick a pattern and go for it.

I started taking a class with Sandra Gaines  in Clovis at D & J Sewing.. I think she is the guru of EQ7 for our area.   In the 2 hours I learned so much about EQ, but also learned lots of things about my new Kindle Fire and  my I phone..About apps that link  my I phone, and my Kindle Fire, and my PC, this is exciting.  There is a new yahoo site for the EQ7, and Yes, I signed up. It is just in the start up stage, and I think it is based in the UK.

Now, to practice and remember all that I learned . Oh, yes, and to be brave and jump in.
I have Sandra to back me up,,, I hope!

Goal, remember what I learned last night!

Looking forward to the meeting in July.
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Friday, June 22, 2012

" Best Exotic Magnolia Hotel " Flowers and Movies

I know these are not Magnolia's, but I love the color and sort of sets the mood.
Hollyhocks are beautiful, tall, ( over 6 ft. in my yard) and at the moment the gophers are loving them.

Why did I say Magnolia's?  Because when we were in town yesterday, we actually went to the movies. Summer is hovering around 100, and we had extra time before a Dr. Appoint..

Cost wise we should have skipped the pop corn, and drink which we shared, but that is part of going to the movies and the fun of the "date", with hubby.

Our grand daughter suggested  that we  see "Snow White" the new version, which she has seen twice, but instead we chose "Best Exotic Magnolia Hotel". Judi Dench is one of our favorite actresses.

"Best Exotic Magnolia Hotel" hits all the emotions, and is a delightful movie, although at our age does leave one thinking about the future.

Years ago when I traveled with my friend Margi, we stayed several nights in Mexico City. It was a better Mexican hotel, and we met a lady that had lived there for eons.. Eons, you ask, because 35 years ago she looked "old". She told us she had lived in Mexico for 40 years, did not know the language, and had had 4-5 husbands. She had been an ice skater in her youth... I am sure she had many stories, but our time was limited.. I have always mulled over her life, she had her American friends that also lived in that area. It was an inexpensive way to live, everything compact, transportation by cab to where ever she went, food, and people that seemed to really care how she was doing..

A lady with out a family, but yet had a family, of sorts..
What I could not understand was that she did not learn the Mexican language..

The movie we saw reminded me of  that time of my life,  I did consider retiring in Mexico. Also realized watching the movie, I am so happy to be living near water and in the mountains, the shade of the trees, the sound of the birds, and the quiet of nature.

I hope you are right where you want to be..

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Prayer Flags- June

The Yoyo's got together at my house to make Prayer Flags.
My suggestion was to bring a piece of fabric that they like, and scraps of anything else they might enjoy adding to it..

I had crayons, pens, stencils, buttons and lace available.

These were made for our friend Polly, and then I forgot to take a photo of them on her patio.

We will be meeting there in July, and hopefully, I don't forget to take pictures then..

I think this says it all.

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Coarsegold Car Show-2012

Now, this is clean and polished! If you look closely, you can see my reflection while I took the photo.
Ralph and I decided to support the local  Coarsegold car club today. This is their annual fund raiser.

Raffle money is going to Manna House, and  Thank you, to Coarsegold Car Care,  we won an oil change!

I love the variety of flames on the cars.. I drive a Honda Odyssey. You know the kind, there are a million on the road, and in the parking lots.. The type of car that you walk up to with out thinking and find out it is not yours... I have put a Toys for Tots sticker on the front bumper, so that I can check it out before setting off someone's alarm.

 In  the middle of all the Spit and Polish, this truck does stand out. They must really have a sense of Humor....

My son would go for this.. I have forgotten, he did have a gull wing something er other at one time.
Some how I think this is not a mountain vehicle.

Personally, I have always liked trucks and we have a Dodge Ram.

I am working on a project that has taken me to search through old albums and picked up little notes that my mother had written... I thought the love of trucks was in the last 40 years.. But I ran across a notation from when I was 5, that my mother wrote.. She was looking for a car when we lived in Hollywood... and I had suggested  buying a truck.. guess the inclination has always been there.

Not exactly the Hollywood vehicle of the 40'.
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fathers Day 2012, almost

Sunday will be Fathers Day. Our kids are down in So. Cal.,  we will be getting phone calls..
Ralph is usually refereeing a wrestling tournament, but this year he is home.

Sunday's are a morning we meet with friends that live along the river and go out to breakfast.

I have been looking through all the recipes that I have collected through the years from Sunset Magazines and others locations. All nicely saved in white binders and the plastic pages. I think I have the record for storing like that. Have a ton of cook books, as many of you have also.

I am finding that I am distracted when I look at all the binders.. Oh, yes, the photos look nice. but now it seems, if I really need something fast, I check out the net.

All 12 of the Women's Day books are on the shelf,  along with Betty Crocker, and my first Better Homes and Gardens Junior Cook Book, the rest I will not mention, 4 shelves full.

Recipes such as French Toast,  and how to boil a Hot Dog, can be found in the Junior Cook Book.. and I just found tucked in the back my mother's recipe for the Biltmor's Tuna Cantonese.
 I think I can still taste that.. oh, memories.

That is just touching the surface.. Usually I cook with out a cook book.
I am not a fancy chef.. my cooking is basic. Ralph never asks, What is for dinner?
Thankfully, because I cook what I feel like eating or I don't cook at all.

Parting with the cook books is tough, the pictures are delightful.   My thought is to open to something that looks delicious and try out the recipe..

But then that means going to the grocery and shop with a list of items that I have no idea where the items are located.

maybe I will start with just one.

The photo is an omelet.. Have not made that in years. His early Fathers Day gift. The green is a pepper that was the first on the plant in the yard, onion, and chopped zucchini with salsa.  Glad Ralph liked it, one more meal to put the home grown zucchini into...This is just the beginning of summer!

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Coarsegold Historical Museum, Music in the Meadow 2012

Coarsegold Historical Museum's, big fund raiser. " Music in the Meadow", was more than music, we also had artists,  a magician, crafts and lots of fun.
It looked like it would be a very hot day, but as it turned out, a breeze kept us cooled off and no rain
like last year.

We had watercolor artists in the School House, and the Opportunity Quilt, " Mountain Gems" was getting it's final touches. Made by the Sierra Mountain Quilters for the quilt show May 5th, 20 13.

The quilt is 100" X 88" and is all hand pieced, and appliqued.
It is fantastic in the photograph, but amazing in person.. remember to buy your tickets.
Yes, Of course, I have tickets to sell!

Valley Oak Band entertained us with toe tapping music, Dr. Phinease T. Barnabus celebrated the day with his magical talent. We had a delicious dinner, and people enjoyed walking the grounds viewing the crafts. Spinning, basket weaving, and tolle painting. I brought a display of  gourds, tools and talked about, how to carve, or paint on them.

Guests strolled around viewing the museum and new Black Smith Shop. Docents spoke about the history of the Old Adobe and the Barn..

Put the date on next years calendar, first week-end in June.
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Monday, June 11, 2012

Wow- Green

This statement is from the web site Daily Om:

Each morning when we awake, we have an opportunity to create our day with what inspires us the most.

I have never much cared for the color green. Oh, in landscape, the out side world, But not on a wall in my house, other than plants and not to wear it on my body..

I was trying to think about this the other day.. I remember my father saying we could not buy a green car, well I did once, and it ran beautifully... I don't even remember him ever wearing anything with green, except maybe a Hawaiian shirt with flowers.. He loved flowers.

Funny how we carry these thoughts forward from our childhood.  
My coloring is not good with green and that makes perfect sense to me now, some colors are better on us than others... But maybe with my gray hair it might work.

These Hostas caught my eye at the market, and I was tempted to buy them. It gets pretty hot here, and  there really isn't any good shady spot to plant them.   So I bought a little sushi instead.

What color green do you like?

This is a magical Green!
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Three Rivers, Meditation Retreat 2012

Three Rivers, St. Anthony's Retreat Center is in a beautiful area. You can hear the river roaring below. There are gentle breezes and the views are magnificent.

It was the perfect weather for this gathering. There are trails for gentle walking and deer bound out to surprise you.  I was impressed by this little Silk Tree that found a crack in the rock to start it's life.. That is perseverance. Should we take a lesson from this strong little beauty? The gentle shape of it's leaves, contrast with  the strong character of the rock.  Does this say something to you? Ponder it a moment.

Friendship. Long ago, many eons, I started taking photos of friend's shadows. The first time my husband and I were in Sedona, we took a photo of our shadow on the red sands, that has special memories.  

This beautiful round building is where we ate our delicious meals.  No dieting this week-end. We  had popcorn with our evening movie..and that was after a very good dessert.

Wonderful memories. That is what life is all about. Savor them and enjoy each moment.
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Monday, June 4, 2012

Exeter, Calif., Murals

Wonderful poppies graced the wall  of the little shop across the patio from the "Wild Flower Cafe".
"Rosemary and Thyme" is such a perfect name for this delightful store.

This mural was tucked between two stores on one of the main streets.

A tribute to all our military stood out in a parking lot. You feel as if the airplane is going to fly right off the wall.

There are many more murals and it was difficult to pick the ones to show you.. We did not find the brochure that shows all of the murals and their history.. Maybe next time I am in that area I will pick one up and do the walking tour as they suggest.

I found out today that the brochure can be found at the Mural Gallery and Gift Shop on Pine and E Streets.  This area is well worth the visit. It is hot in the summer, so I would suggest Spring or Fall for this trip.  I did pick up a Visitors Guide and in looking through that,  learned that Exeter has a wonderful celebration at Christmas time with Carriage Rides, Santa and the whole Christmas theme. That is really tempting.

For those of you that are not in the area or have never visited small towns, it is amazing what you will find in the local museums and history centers..
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Friday, June 1, 2012

Exeter, Wild Flower Cafe

Exeter California is a lovely little town in the  Central valley, near Visalia. We stopped there for lunch to meet the ladies that were attending the annual Meditation Retreat at St. Anthony Retreat in Three Rivers. I am a member of the Positive Living Center, in Oakhurst and our lovely leader for the week- end was Joanne Burgess.

Exeter is a town known for their wall murals. After we had a delicious lunch at the Wild Flower Cafe, my  friend Sandee and I had the opportunity to walk around town taking lots of photos.

The murals are amazing, around every corner is a new surprise of grandeur size paintings, depicting much of the history of the area.  Little plaques tell about each one, the artist and the sponsor.

The cafe has a delightful patio and across the court yard is a beautiful gift shop.. Many of the ladies bought new earrings and scarfs to wrap themselves in at the Retreat

It was a perfect day with fluffy white clouds and a gentle breeze.
I was also impressed by the beautifully kept pocket parks. Green grass makes everything so inviting.

Families were sitting on the grass playing with their children and there is a very relaxed feeling about the town.
As you can see it was a perfect day for taking pictures of the murals.
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