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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Yosemite Western Artist-Show

Everything happens at once. Besides the Music in the Meadow this Saturday, I entered a fiber piece in Yosemite Western Artists Show..  This is going to be a busy week-end. However, the Tri County Art Show will be on till June 10th,  come and view the fantastic art, and photography.
Many of the pieces are for sale also.. 
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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Coarsegold Historic Museum Tour

The Coarsegold Historic Museum gives periodic bus tours of Coarsegold and surrounding area.  Recently we enjoyed a special treat. The museum wanted  to know if this "Stage Coach Trails from Kelshaw to Hildreth" area would be a good tour for visitors and locals.

 We were blessed to have two ladies that have lived a life that we read about in history books traveling with us and pointing out areas from their childhood.
They have ridden with the cattle drives to the high country and their families and history are about some of the people that have settled in this area.

One of the stops we made was at the Wide Awake Ranch, (above) once owned and built by Emphrey Hildreth. He had this prefab house sent around the Horn from So. Carolina to San Francisco. Then by ox cart to Madera County. It is said that you can still see some of the number markings for putting it together.

There is still an amazing back country when you drive off of Highway 41.
When you see a grouping of trees, such as Palm Trees, fruit trees, or  Italian Cypress you can be sure there was probably some one's home stead at that spot. Rock walls are also a sign that there could have been a house in that area.

Hildreth was a gold mining town with many Saloons, a Blacksmith Shop, Hotel, School House, Rodeo Grounds, even a Millinery Shop.  All gone, except for the remarkable house that our tour guide lives in now.

I don't have any photos of her home, because I was too busy, eating our brown bag lunch and trying to get some photos of the chickens in her front yard... Even forgot to take photos of the herd of cows in the little valley.

Anyone that visits our area should check with the Coarsegold Historical Museum, on Highway 41, near the Chukchansi  Casino and Hotel. The museum is open summer hours now, and will be having their Music in the Meadow Fund Raiser, June 2.  If you are interested be sure to check for tickets. We usually sell out early.
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Coarsegold Celebration June 2, 2012

June 2 is almost here,, get your tickets now, before you miss all the FUN.

The Coarsegold Historical Society presents the 9th Annual
Art, Dinner & Music in the Meadow
Saturday, June 2nd, 2012, 3 to 8 p.m.

Music by  The Valley Oak Band
Toe-Tapping Upbeat Bluegrass and Country Music & Vocal Harmonies
Featuring Fiddler Jack Kinney,
the Amazing Prestidigitations of Dr. Phineas T. Barnabus
and the Harmonica Magic of Coarsegold Slim!

Join us for an enjoyable day of…
Crafts and Craft Demonstrations, Raffles, Prizes, Docent-led Tours
Picnic Dinner, Beverage, Dessert – all included
Introducing the new FASI ESTATE WINERY

Where?  “2010 People’s Choice”… Coarsegold Historic Museum
31899 Hwy 41, just south of Lucky Lane

Tickets:  $20 through May 31, then $25, Children 6 – 12:  $10; Younger than 6:  Free
Tickets available at…Coarsegold Historic Museum (559-642-4448),
Goldmine Pizza & Kenli, Inc. and in Oakhurst the Yosemite Sierra Visitors’ Bureau

Come browse the arts…relax…tour the museum…enjoy good food and great music while you tap your toes and clap your hands!!!

Chairs are available; best to bring your own “comfy” chair

Martha Sielman,The Natural World

I started this blog awhile ago, see below.. But did not post it..I wanted to explore the book some more. This review should be about the book, as requested,  than about the quilts, and as I say the quilts are amazing. Quilters are blessed to have Lark Books publish art quilt books, and we  support them by purchasing for ourselves, and  giving them as gifts.  Anyone would appreciate this book as a gift, and would spend hours of enjoyment. I love that there are so many explanations and with the turn of each page you have the opportunity to really meet the artist.

However, I do have one suggestion to Lark,, as much as the type is secondary to the wonderful photos, it is hard to read for any length of time.. The print is fine and a lighter color. At first I did not understand why I was having to make an effort and thought it was my glasses.. and then I realized what was happening.

See my original post below

 We have to drive 7 miles to town to pick up our mail. Most times we just wait till we have an errand or need groceries. I am glad that I picked up the mail on the way home from working at Timberline  Gallery.

 There was a wonderful surprise from Lark Crafts books, Sterling Publishers.
It was Martha Sielman's new beautiful book "The Natural World, Art Quilt Portfolio".

I curled up with a cup of tea and the wood stove blazing and looked at all the fantastic  photos of the quilts that were contributed.

Tonight I will start from the front and read about  the quilts, and the amazing ladies that create such spectacular fiber pieces. There are quilt artists that you will recognize and some that will be new to you. Techniques are also talked about, again some we are familiar with, and some my fingers are looking forward to trying out. You can almost feel the texture with these amazing photographs.

You can find this book  on Amazon or check Martha Sielman's web site. She was also the juror, for Masters: Art Quilts, Volumes 1 &; 2.  You can check out her site and see the variety  of her accomplishments. Be sure to order your books and be inspired with each turning of the pages.
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cloth, Paper Scissors Magazine.

I was just reminded by my Dear Friend Franki Kohler ( Postmarkd'Art) that I had not written up a blog about my post card being selected and published in Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine. At first I panicked, what did I do with the magazine.. I have been sorting and tearing magazine sheets and putting them in binders. I thought I had taken photos, could not find them in My Pictures, nothing! Then I found the magazine,  Sigh !!!

The article says 200 postcards were sent in, most of them traveling without envelopes, and arrived  beautifully. 43 are shown in the article.

The story behind my fabric post card is that my friend Jane, sends me beautiful birthday cards. This time I chose to take it apart, and send her the wire flowers from the card. Jane's card is a bit different, and I think I mentioned that in a previous blog. I put water in hers, because she lives in So. Cal, near the ocean.
I used my hand dyes, batiks,  hand painted the sky, yarns, beads and the wire flowers from the card.

It was a fun project and delighted that Cloth Paper Scissors chose it to be one of some amazing fabric postcards shown in their article.

When looking at Picasa to write the blog,, I found I had another "folder" with photos of the postcard, wonder why it is not in My Pictures..  Computers I think might be like men, can't live with them or with out them ,,,, I think that is the way the saying goes!
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spring Floral- watercolor

"Spring Floral", is kind of a boring name, should have named it Blue Floral or Flowers in Brown Vase, or, or.
I am trying to clean up my studio a bit.. Have a large project to work on and don't want to be distracted.

However, I also need to organize my thoughts for Sierra Art Trails, also.. I know it is not till October,  BUT  time flies. This year will be at the Coarsegold Historic Museum. Getting older, notice did not say "too old", to set up EZ up tents.. Or maybe I just don't want to. Will tell more later about the museum..

As much as I will complain about the heat of summer, it is not here yet. And the truth is I can't find somethings in the studio, one thing led to another.

I know I have some clear plastic covers for my paintings,, but I can not find them. Next choice, order some from Clear Bags or some where.. But then what do I do with the smaller items... Fold them over?

Also decided to put some of my smaller quilt pieces, mostly contemporary in clear bags  for the rack at the gallery.. Someone might like smaller art.. So started mounting them on  foam core, (with certificates of Authenticity), so they don't fold over in the bin.

Besides some yard work my day is almost shot.

Hope your day is more productive.. Off to feed the llamas and water again.
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spring Flowers 2012- Happy Mother's Day

I found this plant many years ago at a plant garage sale. It has grown, and separated. I have shared it with friends and it is an amazing plant.

The leaves are like little razors, but the flowers are an amazing color and so very delicate. I have them in pots on my porch, and the winter cold in the 20's, has not fazed them. And we have hot summers,  many times the sun shines on them.. I might try one in the garden soil this year..
They are called Queen's Tears.  Today can have tears of Joy, or Sadness. Remember the Joy. Happy Mother's Day.

I am so very glad I took this photo of my new Dalia. Again it was the color that drew me. I lovingly planted it where I thought it would enjoy other plants. Yesterday, I was putting some little tomato plants in my garden, and noticed my Dalia laying on it's side. Perhaps a rabbit had taken a big bite on the stem..  Or it could have been a gopher, although the soil was just fine.
Worst part nothing else was eaten.. If animals have to take that bite, why don't they just eat the whole thing?
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Friday, May 11, 2012

Beach at Cayugas

Our trip is on for Cayugas this Winter. The Yoyo group/ circle has rented a nice house on the beach.  Am excited. We have such fun and lots of laughter. Getting away with friends is wonderful for many reasons. Camaraderie, and basic girl fun. Hard to explain to husbands and significant others, but pure delight.

I have not painted with my watercolors in a long time, and got the itch when watching a friend demonstrate. Did this quick little watercolor of our view from the porch.  This has been in the back of my mind for awhile.
Back to quilting projects... That ocean looks lovely and cool, and today is going to be Hot.
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Monday, May 7, 2012

Orchids, Amazing

Orchids, and sun light.
A friend gave us an Orchid plant.. Each day that I look at the beauty, I am amazed and inspired with nature. Just soak in the variety of color and texture. Almost unreal, how does such beauty exist?

 Little faces buried in the center. Our plant is sitting in the middle of the dining table in the Great Room and can be seen all day.. (Family, Kitchen and Dining room all in one).

Periodically, I put an ice cube in the bowl. Some where I read that was good, because you don't get it too wet, hope my memory is accurate. Seems to be working, because I have had this plant for months..

Remember to slow down and see the beauty around you. Accept that this beauty is here and you are a part of it.
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Friday, May 4, 2012

Frogs in Spring

Something stirred in the gravel. At first I did not see anything. Our dog looked and sniffed.  The strange scuffling happened again. I stopped walking, and suddenly, something jumped. Both of us jumped also.. Then I saw it.

He, and I guess it could be a "She" was wiggling his little butt deeper into the gravel to hide.

Spring is here and I never know what will pop out of the plants.  This is the largest frog I have seen that was not next to the river. Frogs are better than snakes in my book.

Last year we had an invasion of tiny frogs, even in the house.  They all have big voices.
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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

U.S. Post Office

Ever wonder where your mail goes after you put it in the box?  This is one of those drop boxes in our local Post Office.. We live in the mountains near Yosemite. This Post Office is in Oakhurst about 48 miles from the Valley, and the city of Fresno, one way...  You would think they would have a special container for mail that stays in the city/ mountain area. Why send your letter to your neighbor, down to Fresno to be sorted and then have it get a ride in another truck back up to Oakhurst.. Does this sounds like a waste of employee time, gas, and the possibility of loss?

Our local Postal Box in Coarsegold, has a separate section for just Coarsegold mail... but if you think it gets sorted and stays in town, you are wrong. That letter also gets a ride to Fresno, sorted and resent back up to the mountains to be put in your mail box... for those of you that live in the mountains..
Isn't it nice that our mail has the opportunity to get miles on them.. Wonder who thought up this time saving process... Did any one say anything about the post office losing money? Gee, wonder why?

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