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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Challenge, Procion Dyes

Since I am not a "pink" person for quilting, ( I do wear pink) decided to try a bit of Red and Rust Brown Procion Dyes. Oh, yes the silly little bag in the corner was given to me by a dear friend... I might even add that!
And look what I found in a "box"... some 9 patches..
Back to the studio.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bloomin' Boomers

It is always fun when a friend does something extraordinary.. Sandra is a member of the Positive Living Center and lives on the other side of the Fresno River from us. I attended her open reception and book signing. In spite of the rainy weather the house was packed, yummy food, lots of locals and friends from the Valley. There were games, prizes, music by Joe Nelson and his guitar.  The place was jumping.

I love the presentation and cover of the book.  My husband and I took turns noting all the information that we had forgotten about that period in time. Sandee has written about many famous folks and some names I did not recognize. 

Beside reading about well known people, there is a great time line on World Events and Popular Culture.  It is a nice rainy day today, so curling up in front of the fireplace and learning more about that period of time sounds like the perfect afternoon.  Wonder where I fit in, having been born slightly before the Boomers.

Sandee will be having a book signing at our local Book Store Willow Bridge Books, check the schedule and I am sure she would enjoy a crowd. 
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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rayna Gillman, Free Form Book

Back to the Karen Musgrave's Challenge fabric using Rayna's Free Form Book.  I decided to wash, put in soda Ash, and

Try out some Red, and Rust Brown Procion Dyes..  Still in the jars..

I started some sorting and too much thinking!

Sorting some of the strips and colors, Relax, Deep Breath, and Having fun!

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Fabric Landscapes

Organization, that is the word for this year.  I see everyone on the net making lists, and they get them done or say they do.  And one of the gals showed a list of 100 things she did last year, couldn't read all of them.. My thoughts at this moment are, don't list till the item is done. I have read all the organization articles, the how to,etc... and I love them, but I have to DO IT not just read the how, best way, etc. Even though I do learn and hope to remember.

So number #2 on the list is done, above is the entry of a post card.. won't say where unless it shows up...Don't know if I am supposed to mention it or not.  In case you missed it #1, was the "Birds" at the gallery.

This little postcard landscape is for my dear friend Jane... She sent me a beautiful Birthday Card, with the little wire flowers on it.. I tried to make another one out of copper wire to add to it.. But I did not have thin enough wire. Jane lives by the ocean, that is why the ocean is on her card.

I am terrible about sending out Birthday cards, in fact, this is the first year that I have not sent out the old Christmas Letter.  However, I did name it the New Years Letter, so I still have time.. My excuse was that this year I wanted to answer everyone's letter.. Well, that is not working out.. The stack of wonderful cards is till on the table. January is not over YET.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lunch, The Elephant Bar

Most of you know I am the grab and eat on the road person. Ralph and I decided that since we did not have to be any where special and were waiting for his computer work to be done,, We would visit the Elephant Bar.  We had not been there in a long time, and could not remember why we did not visit it more often.

Pricing is in line with most sit down restaurants. But with some special and interesting selections.
Ralph chose the salmon sushi with a noodle soup.. he had already fished out the mushrooms which he does not like, when I decided to take a photo. He ate it all except for the onions and the mushrooms.

I chose the Fish and Chips, with Cole Slaw and the "green sauce".  I was prepared to pass on the Green Stuff, because if I remember it said something like mint & cilantro.  Oh, am I glad I did not pass that up... It has made a "try the sauce" gal out of me.. 
Don't say NO till you taste it.
The draw back with the Elephant Bar, I could barely hear my self think let alone what Ralph was saying to me.. However, when I told the server, why we usually did not come in, because of the noise, she suggested asking for one of the high sided booths at the back. 
Yes, my YoYo circle, they have seating there for 6.. so maybe next time out, we will hop in there. Although I do hear it is a squeeze.
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Vetrans Memorial Museum- Fresno

After we visited the Fresno Water Tower, we crossed the street to the Veterans Memorial Museum. We are seldom in this part of town. The museum is inside the Auditorium and I was surprised by the

many artifacts that are shown and were donated. Since there is pay for parking on the street, you do have to watch the time.

My husband could have spent hours in here as it covers information from the Civil War days.  But I was getting hungry.   Visit when you have time. The volunteers are very helpful with answering any questions.


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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fresno Water Tower

A few year ago I showed some of my art at the "Art By Hand" in Fresno. Since then they have moved to the Historic Water Tower.  The date on the tower is 1894 and is located in an area that has many historic buildings. Additional information can be found at Heritage Fresno.

It is an amazing water tower all built of red bricks, and very impressive looking up from the inside.

The Gallery is lovely, featuring many local artists and a  Visitor Center.  Be sure to thank the volunteers for keeping and sharing the local information.

   Even comfortable chairs to relax in and enjoy the ambiance.

Today I work at Timberline Gallery, so no time to play in the studio...But soon,, have my Ugly fabric up, and deciding what to do next, checking out Rayna's book for inspiration!

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Challenge- Ugly Fabric

Karen Musgrave is an email friend with lots of energy and ideas.. She posted a challenge to use this ugly fabric and Rayna Gillman's wonderful techniques in her new book, "Create you own Free Form Quilts".  I have followed Rayna's blog for a long time, and as you see I have both of her books.

So I have taken up the challenge. Yes, one of my New Years resolutions was to complete UFO's, but I can justify this by using fabric and going through my stash.  I also have free rein to stamp, paint, dye etc. When the fabric arrived and I looked at it up close, I had to wonder where Karen ever found this and what she had in mind.. Or was this chosen especially for this challenge?  I have some ugly fabric, but really, Karen!  Thankfully, I am not the only one in the group of 12 that have similar thoughts.

Tomorrow will find me sorting, and checking out my scrap bag,, then some stress free strip sewing. The rules are simple, Use the fabric on the front, show photos on my blog, especially if I am changing the appearance of the fabric, use Rayna's book and have fun! 
Check out everyone's blogs ( list on Karen's blog)and follow the progress, while we slice, and dice our way to our free-form quilts.

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Chinese Brush Painting.

Years ago, I took  Chinese Brush painting classes from NingYeh in Huntington Beach, Ca.  It was a fun experience. The reason I bring it up now, is that the Postmarkd'art group has been talking about Signature Chops.  Several of the gals have taught in Korea and China, and have come home with their personal chops.
I have searched all over my house, and can not find my "chop". To tell the truth I don't even remember what it says. If any one knows some one that can read Chinese, please let me know. Hope it is something good...Now, I have to think of what I would like my new one to say.. oh, yes, since I can not find that one, Guess I am just going to have to buy one another one.

Sorry for the glare,, I did not want to take the glass off of the painting.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Judy Dales, Interlocking Stars

I took a quilting class from Judy Dales, in 1996... wow, eons ago.. It was a fun class, "Interlocking Stars" as I remember, and I am not the worlds best, or even good piecer. But a gold star,,it is finished!

The reason I am showing this quilt now, is that, hanging a different quilt every month, is one of my 2012 thoughts/ goals, hummmm.. What am I saving them for, all folded up? I should be sparking my memory and enjoying the change of color in the living area.

Classes are always important and enjoyable.. In all the years I can only think of one class where Frustration was at the top of the list, well, maybe 2, now that I think of it.. No, will not tell which ones,, probably was partly my own fault .. I was surprised when a friend asked me why I take quilting classes, after umpteen years of quilting.

Several reasons came to mind. Friendship and camaraderie, learning new techniques, like the computer, there are always new ideas to learn, most that make it easier. Certainly there are new products on the market, and the fun of it... Look at all the new fabrics, colors, patterns that spark our creativity.

This is also a year to finish UFO's.. knitting and quilting, painting, and yard work, clearing my desk AND.........I get side tracked.
Enjoy your New Year,, that comes first, Have Fun!
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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fresno River, 360 degree

I might have mentioned that I got an I Phone,, and still learning.  Scott, our son, showed me the 360 app, and that has been fun..
This year, so far, we have not had any rain, so the river is on the other side of what we call our island..

Everything is brown or gray.  The willows are high but just twigs on the waters edge and the  debris is about 10 ft. high from last years rain. We have managed to pull most of the wood off that had fallen or was left from the flooding.

I am not sure that all the 360 will show on the blog. But it is enough to show how blessed we feel to be this close to nature..

Thank you for popping into my blog and sharing your thoughts with me.
You are all special and as we go forward with the New Year, I look forward to getting to know you better. Off to water,  that is not a complaint,, just a little added work.
Will make good use of the quiet moments and watch the birds, there are still geese that have not left for the winter.. or maybe they are just staying because it is so warm.. Love the sound of wings flapping and the honking as they fly together...

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Timberline Gallery, Theme- Totems

Timberline Gallery has their January Show up, the theme is Totems.  I really had to scratch my head with this one,, and time was running out, when I found these wonderful colorful birds..
"Birds of Many Colors"
The Blue Bird represents balance of work and play. Their songs awaken confidence and internal peace.
Dance along the way with Love and Joy.
Great way to start the new year. 

I fussy cut the birds, and pre-quilted the wonderful cloud fabric. I stitched around each bird, limb and leaves.  Added some quilting with embroidery threads, beads and buttons.

I don't work at Timberline Gallery until the 17th of this month, and will take photos of some of the other wonderful Totems that are in the display at that time.
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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Unraveled, Memories, knitted sweaters

As promised I found the sweaters from my "Teen Years". Why do we keep such things as "old clothes"? Are they memories we wish to hold on to? My mother knitted the yellow one with the cable stitches, and I knitted the white and blue patterned sweater.  I am afraid to try them on... some parts on my body have mysteriously changed, certainly not the fault of that ugly word "age".

I was never one to follow a pattern very well.. I don't even know where my mother with Dutch heritage learned to knit.. Although she did teach me the "American" way.. Thankfully, it is how most of my friends knit.. so it should not be that confusing.

Maybe she learned when she arrived in the U.S. through Ellis Island. She was from a family of 8 children, 4 boys, 4 girls,  born in Leiden around 1898.  That date does not even seem real, more like something you read in a history book.  Her brothers brought her to Rochester, N.Y., when she was about 18.

 Oakhurst has a wonderful Knit Store, Unraveled, and  the owner Babette is always smiling and answering all questions, no matter how repetitive they are. There are several knitting groups, new and local yarns available.  This is the place to stop by and get to know the local ladies, oh, and have fun knitting. I hear they laugh most of the time!  Oh,, if the walls could talk!

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