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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Silly frog- Pensive

I would like to be Silly, this frog is pensive. So at this moment so am I, about what ?? Being Silly.

I receive the Daily Om, and that is what got me thinking today. Here are their wise words.

Giving yourself permission to be silly will nourish your creativity and is a good exercise in letting go.

I just could not delete this message, and needed to really think about it.  What else don't I give myself permission to do?

I am more of an introvert, I guess I worry about looking silly. But that is silly in itself.  Who cares if I look silly, guess it is just me.. I might make others laugh and that would be a good thing.

Have a good laugh and be Silly! 

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  1. You are delightful--just the way you are, Vivian. Hugs, Kay


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