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Friday, December 14, 2012

Seasons Change, Fall to Winter

Leaves are falling all golden yellow, must be Fall... how fast the seasons breeze by.

 Trees are turning and dropping their leaves. We  gather the wood for the fireplace.

Now, the leaves have turned a brown and orange with just the touches of a golden Fall still in them.

The fog creeps in, swirling around, dampening every branch and leaf. Making a mystery of the river and the trees. The sounds have muted, listen for the sounds,, all is quiet.

Enjoy a meditation with the trees, now hear the music.
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  1. We haven't had any fog yet. It seems to wait each year until the last week of school before we go on on holiday, which is next week. I've had to get some long-sleeved sweaters and jackets out. That's for sure.

  2. We've had an adjustment to the regional changes moving here to the South. During the summer we can't see our neighbors, just a hint of a roof down the hill from us.

    In the winter the trees loose all their leaves and we can see down into a neighbor's back yard and watch them gathered around the burn barrel almost nightly.

    We've gotten the sweatshirts out and my electric blanket is REAL popular with the cats. LOL


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