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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Postmarkd'art- Doors- Harmony, Calif.

Harmony Calif. is a delightful town of, according to the web, has 18 inhabitants.
It is off of Highway 1.

" Harmony was founded in 1869 around several dairy ranches and a creamery. The operation changed hands repeatedly because of rivalries that led to a killing. In 1907, owners and ranchers agreed to call off their feud and called the town by its present name as a symbol of their truce."

Our Quilt retreat group loves to stop and look in the "Open Daily" Harmony Glass Shop.
They have an amazing collection of glass works, and they give lessons.  Dyed T. Shirts, wonderful glass jewelry. Fun place to stop for gifts.

This is just one of the stops on our travels, when we are not relaxing, quilting, or walking on the beach.

The door is not really yellow, I was playing with Photoshop, something I really need to learn.

Postmarkd'art has one of it's themes for Round 16, "Doors." I think these are particularly interesting of the Chapel in Harmony.

Fabric Postcards off in the mail!
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  1. What a great story! I think all of us artists should move to Harmony.


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