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Monday, December 17, 2012

Postal Pets- Tarantula

Life in the country.  Some days we come face to face with Tarantula's.. I have mentioned before our little crawly, hairy Fall guests and the Tarantula Festival.

But did not expect to meet one in the Post Office the other evening. He looked lost, so I did help him out the door.

When we first moved here you could see them crossing the roads in fair abundance. Now, sadly I  just see one or two in the season, even late in the season...

I miss the surprise entrance of these little fuzzy,  men searching for their women.

 Life is just too short, remember to enjoy each day.
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  1. Glad you helped him out the door. I love these little guys. My students are reading a story about how children in South American keep tarantulas as pets. They tie a string around the spiders and take them for a walk.

  2. That's one think we don't have over here!

  3. Do you have the time of year when the Tarantulas cover the roads, there? Towards, Sonora and that area there is a time when you see them.


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