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Friday, November 9, 2012

Fabric dyeing Day

Darryl in his new duds.  Darryl is the son of my friend Nancy. They both came to the last fabric dyeing class.. and had some ideas of what they were going to work on. Since Nancy has worked with fabric dyeing many times, and I had some new gals in the class, I did not pay much attention, other than to suggest some new methods..

Darryl took off on his own.  First he soaked in Soda Ash, then painted on some dye colors. Let the shirt dry and took some leaves and painted around them as you might with a stencil.  It came out great! You can see the design of the leaves scattered around the shirt.


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  1. Darryl is quite the model, isn't he? Great shirt.

  2. You must have had fun all of you. The shirt is fantastic.


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