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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fabric dyeing class and experimenting.

We had another class on Fabric Dyeing, some advanced and some beginners.
The nice part about mixing both, is that the beginners can see where and what you can do with new ideas

There are no limitations.  Some of the gals let their fabric dry and then added some stamping and spritzing to their already dyed fabrics.

Hanging out to dry.  Perfect sun and a light breeze.

After the ladies and gentleman had left, a few colors were not used up, so I put  soda ash soaked fabric on one of the tables and painted with dyes, and then let it dry.  I used parts of it on a piece I will show later.

I needed, of course, more sky material.. Sky with clouds, one of my favorites.  Good base fabric to keep around.
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  1. Beautiful! Looks like all of you had a productive day. Glad the weather was good.


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