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Monday, November 12, 2012

Dyeing with Ice

We had another wonderful Fabric Dyeing Class at my outside studio.

The weather agreed and was perfect.
I have looked at some of the other blogs that show the dyeing with Ice, and wondered
about what happens when all the colors leak together - BROWN at best.

So I went to the $-dollar store and bought some colanders.
Worked well for my purpose... Here is how the red came out.  I did add a bit of black, when the ice had started to melt... I left it in the colander till the next day.
It sat perfectly over a bucket, and the drips gathered there.. Could even be done in the studio when the weather is not the best.
While writing this, I had another idea... what if I were to put another piece of fabric in the bucket as the drips and dye came from the colander, wonder what that would look like.. and could do two different pieces at the same time..
Put that on the try list!  or maybe will do it now and see how that turns out!

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  1. This is awesome! I love the "texture" the ice creates.


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