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Friday, November 23, 2012

Alien ? Power, Spinning

We were recently in the Napa, Calif. area.. more about that some other time.
On the way home we took a different route which brought us by these "wind mills"
Yes, there was a wind, so that is a very good place for them.. but there was also something eerie about them.  They silently spun, in a peaceful fashion. But I felt something I could not put my finger on, an energy.

They spun while the earth spun, are we all just spinning around. It was one of those moments that one realizes for some reason how short our span is here.. So what we do really matter, or are we just spinning our wheels? Perhaps we should all calm down, que sera etc.

It brought back the a moment when I was in Bath, England and  knew that there were thousands of people that had trod right under where I was sitting on the grass in a park. Happy, sad people, fighting, loving, all the emotions of the moment..

For me thankfully, I don't bury myself in the what if's, it is important to live your life in the moment, be happy, be kind and enjoy each other.

PS,,, I was not driving, so I could look out in wonder and take photos.
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  1. The windmills ARE eerie. There is a whole series of them near Tehachapi, and I think the same thing every time I go past them. What confuses me is why the blades on the mills are so narrow and pointed. Seems like they would be wider to catch more wind.


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