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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Quilts- PIQF- "Brown River"

I am sure all of you know how overwhelming a quilt show can be.. Some ladies go to Quilts first then mix it up with venders.. But do you really want to carry bags all over with you to view quilts?... Or should we eat first and see some venders and then the quilts.
How do you approach a large quilt exhibition?

This time I sort of mixed it up.  And what did I see, a quilt that looked familiar.  I know that quilt. I saw it in the working stage at a quilt retreat with Denise Schmidt. Oh, exciting, I know someone in the show.  I emailed Denise and asked if she minded if I posted the quilt on my blog and if she would tell me a little of how they created this wonderful piece.
Here is what she sent me..

"Our Folsom art quilt group (Quartz) challenge was to take a  photo or art work, cut it into slices, and have each artist do one of the slices.  We had two groups -- our group of three chose to interpret Wayne Thiebaud's  painting, called Brown River ( with permission from the artist).  We took the photo from a small poster and had Kinko's blow it up to the size we wanted, and used those as our templates for placement of the lines in the slices.  Each slice was about 11x 48.   We did not collaborate while in the process, we didn't see the others' finished quilts until they were all done, and they matched up pretty well!  Techniques used included fusing, chenille, paint, pencils, embroidery, and couching. "

I personally, love the use of the chenille for the ground in the one section.


 I have always enjoyed Wayne Thiebaud's art. What a wonderful way to interpret with fabric.  Thank you for sharing your story.  
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